We Are All This Weeping Toddler Who Had a Breakdown Over the New iOS 7

For one young boy in Kansas, iOS 7 is a total nightmare

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So far, reactions to Apple’s new iOS 7 have been rather mixed. As TIME’s Matt Peckham writes, there are plenty of pros to the new operating system — but also plenty of cons. (Some pros: Siri can be a dude, and multitasking is much easier. Some cons: the launch-day-download traffic jam, and there’s a steeper-than-usual learning curve.)

For one young boy in Kansas, though, iOS 7 is just a total nightmare. His dad updated his iPad to the new system and then recorded his 4-year-old son’s reaction to the changes — which can really only be described with the words “complete meltdown.” As the toddler expresses his extreme disapproval, his dad tells him, “You’re just going to have to get used to it.” He manages to reply, between heavy sobs, “No. I don’t want to.” Oh man. You’re not alone, pal. Plenty of people are just as upset as you are. We feel your pain.

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