Breaking Bad Forever: Show Memorabilia Goes Up for Auction

Sad the show is coming to an end? Keepsakes like Walter White's inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass could be yours, for a price

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Breaking Bad actors Aaron Paul (left) and Bryan Cranston

Sony Pictures Entertainment is capitalizing on one of its most popular products –and its devoted fans — in a big way.

As the sixth and final season of the AMC television series Breaking Bad comes to a close, the production company has begun auctioning off memories of its famed characters before they fade into television history. Breaking Bad fans can bid on props ranging from Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek ($1,000) to Jesse Pinkman’s fuzzy dice ($100) and  a Los Pollos Hermanos Chicken bucket ($25) to Hank Scrader’s cane ($125). Studio auction site Screenbid is hosting the sale, which is a for-profit auction.

The show has amassed critical acclaim over the years, but most notably in its last season, winning the top honor of “Best Drama Series” at the Emmy’s Sunday. The final episode premiere Sunday, September 29.

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