This Spoof Promo Video for the iPhone 5c Is Refreshingly Honest

It might make you think twice before upgrading

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With every new Apple product or operating system comes a new promo video in which Apple’s Jony Ive delivers an overly-earnest, insightful speech about what makes the update so spectacular. So it was really only a matter of time until someone decided to parody this. Comedian¬†John Elerick¬†decided to give it a go, producing a hilariously honest “banned” ad for the new iPhone 5c.

“The iPhone 5c is in many ways the distillation of what people love about the iPhone 5, without being a carbon copy. It’s simpler and more plasticky, yet it’s more colorful and certainly not the same exact phone,” Elerick says evenly. “iPhone 5c is beautifully and unapologetically plastic. If you think we’re apologizing for this, you’re out of your f***ing mind. Nobody — nobody — is apologizing for sh*t.”

So if you’re on the fence about investing in the new device, this ad may provide a decently realistic analysis.

Watch Elerick’s other spoof, this one for the iPhone 5s, focusing on the phone’s fingerprint scanning technology:

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