Top Blocked Websites in the U.S.

This may be the land of the free, but not when you're at work

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As everyone knows, if you’re looking to waste time at work, a good place to start is Facebook. So many pictures of babies you don’t care about! So many complaints about Breaking Bad spoilers! That’s probably why it’s the number one most-blocked website at workplaces across the U.S.

The statistics company Statista conducted a survey to determine which sites employers keep their workers from visiting. Facebook is the obvious number one, with nearly 20% of employers saying they block it. Twitter clocks in at number 2, with 15.1% of employers banning it. Here’s the full list of sites, ranked by the percent of American employers who ban them:

  1. Facebook – 19.4%
  2. Twitter – 15.1%
  3. YouTube – 13.7%
  4. Pinterest – 11.2%
  5. Other social media – 10.9%
  6. LinkedIn – 9.7%
  7. Webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) – 9.3%
  8. Other sites – 4.6%

It should be noted that this study only draws from data collected among 1,021 half-time and full-time employees, as Mashable explains, so it may not provide the most comprehensive look. Still, you should consider yourself lucky if you’re one of the workers with unrestricted access to Facebook. Because really, where else can you while the day away looking at babies who aren’t even that cute?

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