$2000 for a Bottle of Beer? You Bet.

The mad dash for a rare, 19-year-old brew from Portland's Hair of the Dog

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By now, we can all agree that the craft beer craze in the U.S. is in full throttle mode, what with a new craft beer movie and TV show out, and a growing roster of fast-food joints serving the stuff with their burgers.

But who in their right mind would pay $2000 for a single, 12.7 oz. bottle of beer? Quite a lot of people, it turns out, judging by the frenzy unleashed Wednesday over the release of “Dave,” an English Barley wine from Hair of the Dog Brewing in Portland, Oregon that sold out less than five hours after it went on sale. Admittedly, it was just a tiny batch of 12 bottles, but still.

The rush for the beer, which clocks in at 29% alcohol by volume, began with this tweet by the brewery’s owner Alan Sprints early Wednesday:

The brewery opened its doors at 11:30a.m., and by 4:30p.m., Sprints posted this update:

What’s so special about Dave? First brewed in 1994 — that’s right, it’s 19 years old! — it achieves the absurdly-high alcohol level through a freezing process that evaporates water from the brewery’s flagship, 10% ABV Adam ale. Rated a perfect 100% on RateBeer.com, the final concoction is perhaps most-lovingly described by this reviewer:

The aroma is fabulous. Molasses and caramel, booze and candy, a touch of sweetness but by no means cloying. Fabulous flavor. Hype aside this beer is actually delicious. 29% abv is masked extremely well. Of course, this beer is 19 years old. So mellow and smooth. No carbonation. Like a fine after dinner cordial. Chocolate and port wine with rich molasses.

Sounds delicious. Not that I’ll ever get to try it.