Martha Stewart’s Twitter ‘Meltdown’: Broken iPad Rant Was a Joke, She Says

Highlights from the mini-drama that unfolded this week

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Many turn to Martha Stewart to learn how to roast a chicken to perfection or keep cut flowers fresh for two whole weeks. But on Wednesday night, she appeared to turn to us mere mortals when she dropped her iPad and didn’t know what to do.

Dozens of her followers chimed in. Some told her to go to an Apple Store or call a helicopter response team. Others suggested that the cracked device would make a perfect serving tray for olives. The next morning, she pressed on, keeping her prior commitments, but she seemed distracted.

Now before you start tweeting #FirstWorldProblems — or asking if she can still check her profile — note this wasn’t just any iPad.

But remember, Martha is also a businesswoman, so when Apple’s system didn’t meet her needs, she started to wonder if she could come up with a way to handle these kinds of programs better herself.

Then she went back to venting, perhaps entering the final stage of grief: acceptance. Maybe her goof showed that she was just like us after all.

As it turns out, the whole Twitter freakout was a joke, Martha says, and she was just making fun of all of us who freak out when we have a tech mishap. She had a blast stirring the pot, if you will, telling the TODAY anchors that there’s nothing more “fun” than riling up Twitter users because “there are people that love it when you joke and there are people who take you seriously and don’t have a clue.” And she says there’s no tension between her and Apple’s PR team, just tension between her and her staffers, who were worried that her digs would jeopardize the relationship between the tech giant and her magazine.

Martha said her iPad is still cracked, though a look at her most recent tweet shows she’s moved on from cooking up Twitter hoaxes to cooking up pork and potatoes.