5 Best Viral Videos of September

From Jimmy Kimmel's twerking prank to that creepy Obamacare ad, a look back at the videos we watched again and again this past month

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There’s a delicate balance between fact and fiction when it comes to the viral videos we love. We can’t forget that old adage, “Seeing is believing” — and the dueling one that goes, “You can’t believe everything you read online.” Jimmy Kimmel took full advantage of that blurred line this month when he capitalized on the twerking phenomenon with a video that turned out to be a well-planned prank. A Norwegian comedian duo didn’t even try to play it off as serious when they released their awesomely bad song “The Fox,” which instantly drew comparisons to Rebecca Black’s 2011 song “Friday.” And a New York City speed demon found the very real consequences of his viral actions when he found himself in handcuffs after sharing a video of a record-setting drive around Manhattan. Watch above for these and the other best viral videos of the month.