High Tech Toothbrush Promises to Clean Your Teeth in 6 Seconds, Maybe Mess Up Your Face

It's coming to brush youuuu

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Think of all the time you’d save if brushing your teeth only took six seconds. Seriously, just think of all the things you could do with those spare moments. Take up taxidermy? Sure. Learn Latin? Why not.

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Say hello to Blizzident, the futuristic toothbrush that, yes, promises to clean your teeth perfectly in six seconds flat. It’s basically a bizarre little contraption that you bite down on, and then it does the rest of the work. The Blizzident website explains:

All Blizzident-bristles are tailored to your own teeth. They are placed on the surface of your teeth in a 45 degree angle. They are also aligned exactly along your gumline in a 45 degree angle.

Additionally there are interdental bristles between all your teeth.

Pretty cool in theory, right? But the contraption looks kind of scary, like one of the mean, aggressive fish from Finding Nemo. Do you really want that in and around your mouth? What if it accidentally brushes your face?

Blizzident currently costs $300 and lasts for a year. If you’re interested in looking like a robotic piranha with super clean teeth, check out the below Blizzident video: