Self-Washing T-Shirt Is Perfect for Lazy People

Detergent-infused ink on the shirt teaches students to stop relying on Mom for laundry

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Tide wants to lend a helping hand to the world’s laziest launderers, particularly college students embarking on the responsibility of regularly cleaning their own clothes for the first time. Rather than heading home to their parents with a brimming bag of dirty duds, now they can try out a handy new t-shirt developed by Tide that is infused with detergent and aims to make laundry a lot simpler.

The t-shirt, emblazoned with a “tearful mom” design representing college parents saddled with dirty laundry, merely requires its owner to pop it into the washer and press start. As shown in the ad above, which was created by the Polish branch of Leo Burnett, the shirt emerges fresh and sans tears, teaching procrastinating college kids just how easy it is to do laundry. Sadly, the shirts are not yet available in the States. As reported by I Believe in Advertising, Tide only distributed the shirts to parents in Poland for the trial.

One caveat: The shirt’s self-cleaning ink disappears after one wash, so unless you intend to buy a shirt for every day of the week, it’s a temporary solution at best.

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