OKCupid Lets You Pay to Filter Out Fat and Ugly Users

For just $4.95 a month, you never have to look at ugly people on OKCupid again

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Andrew Bret Wallis, Getty Images

Digital kisses from hotties only, plz

Trawling for a date online but worried you’ll get catfished into–god forbid–spending one uncomfortable hour of your life having drinks with someone who lacks your ideal body type? Don’t worry, popular online dating site OKCupid has you covered.

TheĀ Daily Mail reports that a premium membership on OKCupid comes with some interesting perks, including the ability to run an advanced search that filters out any users who classify their body type with terms like “curvy,” “full figured,” “used up” or “overweight” (as well as “skinny”). For $4.95 a month you can also filter out people with low attractiveness ratings based on a five-star scoring system determined by OKCupid’s own algorithms. The search form for premium members lets you search solely for users whom other members have ranked as being a 5/5.

Of course, people on the prowl for dates in real life mentally do this sort of calculation all the time, blinding themselves to those they’re not attracted to–but paying for the privilege online is that one extra step towards supreme shallowness. Luckily the filtering system works both ways: for “curvy” users, it automatically filters out douchebags. Win/win!