Studio That Was Subject of Viral “I Quit” Video Makes Bitter Dancing Comeback

"We eat lunch at our desks because there aren't restaurants around!"

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Well this is either an act of bitterness, damage control, or a hat tip to the fact that we have all fallen victim to an internet-savvy PR stunt.

Next Media Animation — which was the subject of Marina Shifrin’s viral “I Quit” YouTube danced to the tune of Kanye West’s “Gone” — released an equally musical comeback video to announce, “We’re HIRING!”

Her former coworkers at the Taiwanese news animator rebut her claims of being overworked by dancing around the office building’s indoor pool alongside subtitles that read “we eat lunch at our desks because there aren’t restaurants around.”

(Luckily there is a Costco nearby the Taiwan-based location. Hundreds of rolls of toilet paper for everyone!)

screengrab map Next Media Animation

Shifrin’s video accumulated almost 8.5 million views in only four days, while Next Media animation’s respo is up to 500,000 in just one. The whole thing makes us wonder, was this all some sort of viral marketing scheme? Does that puppet master Jimmy Kimmel have anything to do with this?

Mark Simon, Shifrin’s ex-boss, told Gawker that “Marina actually thinks enough of me to have given me a call the Thursday before she released this to say that she was resigning, which I appreciated.”

He explained that the company is trying to break the public perception that the office is a less than desirable workplace. Shifrin was paid $42,000 a year and was sent to New York, LA, Hong Kong, and Thailand in her nine month tenure. Well then.

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