Twerk or Treat: For Just $39.99, You Can Go as Miley Cyrus’ Identity Crisis for Halloween

What a bargain

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Spirit Halloween


If you want to dress as a former Disney Star enduring an embarrassingly public sexual identity crisis or the grimy son of an aging sitcom actor responsible for singing the summer’s rapiest anthem, head to your local Spirit Halloween and/or accept your fate as someone who should be banned from the Internet.

Spirit Halloween, the seasonal costume outlet that runs out of all the good costumes by mid-October, announced in a press release today that they’re offering a very special twerking-themed line.

Today the store began pre-sales for its “exclusive, limited-edition collection of this season’s hottest pop culture costumes.” These include a “Twerkin’ Teddy” leotard that is almost an exact replica of the version Miley Cyrus infamously donned at the MTV Video Music Awards, the “Party Finger” she used during her performance, and a “Twerk Suit” modeled off of Robin Thicke’s outfit from the same event.

Each costume is $39.99, though donning the mostly-naked “Wrecking Ball” look is probably much cheaper.