Child’s Birthday Cake Attacked In Washington Courthouse

Cake was harmed in the making of this story

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Birthday cake is hard to resist. Michelle Flavin learned this lesson the hard way when her child’s birthday cake was brutally assaulted in a Washington State courthouse.

The cake was slated to be the centerpiece at her daughter’s 9th birthday party, so when Flavin came to the courthouse to help her sister with a legal matter, she wisely brought the cake inside with her to prevent her dog from eating it in the car. She left the cake on a table near the courthouse’s metal detectors, where it was assaulted not once, but twice.

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Robert Eric Fredrickson was being led through the metal detectors on his way to appear in court on an indecent exposure charge, when he spotted the cake sitting nearby. He then allegedly sunk his hand into the chocolate cake, covering his hand in frosting. Ignoring a deputy’s demand that he stop, Fredrickson went back for seconds. Deputies then stepped in, tackling the man to the ground. According to the Cowlitz County Daily News, “Fredrickson’s face was smeared with white frosting as deputies lead him from the Hall’s lobby and booked him into the jail on suspicion of third-degree theft.”

Flavin was understandably shocked and angered at the assault. “I got pissed when he stuck his hand in it the first time,” Flavin said. “I was like, ‘Hey!’” “Then he went back for seconds!” her sister Tina Ghee added. Luckily a local Safeway store offered to replace the clobbered cake for free.

There are no reported motives for Frederickson’s alleged crimes, but we’ll just assume he’s a recovering chocoholic who simply couldn’t resist.

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