Facebook Building Its Own Apartment Complex So Employees Never Ever Have to Leave Work

Menlo-income housing

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Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

A view of people walking in the Facebook main campus in Menlo Park, California, May 15, 2012.

Adding to the many perks of working at Facebook’s campus is now an opportunity to move in next door–because who isn’t sick of their healthy work/life balance?

The social media giant announced plans to erect a community development a mere 1.5 miles from the Menlo Park, Calif. sprawl. The $120 million, 630,00 square-foot complex will house 394 units including studio apartments and three-bedroom apartments, with a handful of units set aside for non-Facebook employees and low-income residents.

Facebook hired local developers St. Anton Partners to helm the project located between the 101 freeway and salt marshes, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company has not disclosed how much they plan to invest. Construction begins this month and is expected to be complete in 24 months.

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In company tradition, Facebook is not skimping on the amenities. Anton Menlo, as the community will be called, will feature a sports bar, doggy day care, convenience store as well as a swimming pool. Renderings of the new addition to the Facebook playground depict a sleek, contemporary complex akin to a modish Miami hotel. And like an exclusive hotel, the complex will be highly sought-after, as it’s only able to accomodate about 10 percent of Facebook’s workforce.

Many have compared it to company towns made popular a century ago, but the new neighborhood is a “five-minute bike ride” from an already outfitted creative campus touting perks like free lattes and ice cream, shops and sprawling parks.

Up next: Facebook-sponsored churches so employees can gain official membership to the Cult of Likes.

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