Man Sues After Kid’s Phone Comes Pre-Loaded With Nude Photos

Not cool, Sprint.

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You know how annoying it is when you buy a new cell phone and you have to load everything up? You have to adjust all the settings and download your desired apps and ringtones, not to mention re-add all your own lewd photos. It’s all so time-consuming. But what if your phone could come pre-loaded with sexts?

Turns out that actually happened. But to a child.

Here’s the story: the boy’s father bought two phones at a Los Angeles-area Sprint store two years ago, and when they got home, the boy found pornographic photos of the store’s employees saved on one of the devices. These images included “full-body naked as well as genital-focused graphic pictures and videos,” CBS Los Angeles reports.

This week, his father, Arsen Garibyan, filed a lawsuit against Sprint and Nextel of California, alleging breach of contract, fraud, breach of the implied warranty of merchantability and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Sprint offered the following statement in an email to  KNX 1070 Newsradio:

This incident occurred at a retail store in Pasadena that was selling Sprint products. Sprint does not condone this behavior. The sales representatives allegedly implicated were NOT Sprint employees. We terminated our relationship with this dealer shortly after the incident. Our investigation into this matter continues.

Oh, and the photos kind of prove that although these were supposed to be brand new phones, they’d obviously been used. In an exceedingly inappropriate way.

Moral of the story: pre-loaded sexts is obviously still a million dollar idea, but only if you’re a consenting adult.

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