Students’ Shouts of ‘Hump Day’ Disrupt Connecticut Middle School

Ah, middle school, we don't miss you at all

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How much do 11-year-olds love Wednesdays? Arguably more than a camel on “Hump Day.”

Vernon Center Middle School in Vernon, Conn., has reportedly attempted to squash the use of the catchphrase “Hump Day,” which was popularized by a talking camel in a Geico commercial, and has now become the anthem that gets cubicle jockeys everywhere through mid-week slumps.

“Some sixth grade boys have been using the phrase so much it’s becoming disruptive, and the kids say they aren’t just yelling it in the hallways on Wednesdays, it’s everyday,” WFSB reports, after interviewing the school’s superintendent.

“I don’t really think that it’s that big a disruption if people are just doing it in the hallways,” one student told the WFSB reporter outside his house.

You can always count on middle schoolers to have a highbrow taste in humor.

Correction: A former version of this article stated that the phrase was banned, but Vernon’s Superintendent clarified that it is not an official policy, and instead teachers and administrators are actively discouraging students from saying it.

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