So There’s This Priest, and He Surfs

Spirit surfer

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Gaizka Iroz / AFP / Getty Images

The Bible says Jesus walked on water, so maybe this surfing priest is doing the next best thing.

AFP reports Catholic priest Rene-Sebastien Fournie, 39, regularly takes to the Atlantic beaches in southwestern France to catch some waves. With “the blessing of the Bishop of Bayonne,” he shows up in his vestments, dresses down to a wetsuit, but keeps the collar when he goes into the ocean. Also a fencer, Fournie hopes the whole spectacle will show party-hardy beachgoers that they can join the faith and still keep their cool.

“If there is a barbecue on the beach in the evening, I get invited out of curiosity,” he told AFP.

Call him a spirit surfer!


Gaizka Iroz / AFP / Getty Images

At a beach in Bidart, southwestern France.


Gaizka Iroz / AFP / Getty Images


Gaizka Iroz / AFP / Getty Images