Bad Place to Hide Your Stash: Suspect Caught With Drugs in His Belly Button


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We won’t even ask how he got it there.

Dayton, Ohio police say 38-year-old Alex Jamison Smith is facing drug possession charges after a baggie of crack cocaine was found in his belly button.

Police initiated a traffic stop early Monday and pulled over a Chevrolet pickup truck carrying Smith and driver Guy Loeliger, 34, after they were seen driving away from a suspected drug house, WKEF reported. The vehicle did not have a front license plate, which prompted the stop, police said.

After a canine search indicated drugs were in the car, police searched the men and found the baggie snug in Smith’s belly button. Drug paraphernalia was also found on Loelinger and a red crack pipe and syringe were found embedded in the car’s roof.

Suddenly your drunken decision to get it pierced in college is no longer the worst crime committed on a belly button.