Edward Snowden Goes Grocery Shopping in Moscow, Just Like Regular People

The photo appears to be the first of the NSA whistleblower since he left the Moscow airport in August

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A Russian tabloid has posted a photo it claims is of the former NSA-contractor Edward Snowden jaywalking in Moscow while pushing a cart full of groceries. The 30-year old hasn’t been spotted publicly since he walked out of the Moscow airport and went into hiding after being granted asylum in Russia. He is wanted in the United States for leaking a trove of documents detailing a massive domestic surveillance program at the National Security Agency.

The blurry image can be viewed on the website Life News here.

No telling what’s in those grocery bags, but according to Life News, Snowden looks like he’s holding up alright.

After all, a man needs to eat, even if he’s as rail thin as Snowden appears to be. “As you can see the former special services employee has picked up a full trolley of food according to American tradition,” Life News wrote. “That clearly cost more than one thousand rubles.”