Groom Forgets to Book Wedding Venue, Calls in Bomb Threat to Cover Up His Mistake

Probably not the best idea

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Roc Canals Photography

A British groom admitted in court last week that he called in a bomb threat to a Liverpool event space on his wedding day after realizing he had failed to officially book the venue, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Instead of admitting to his bride-to-be that he didn’t book the venue, 36-year-old Nail McArdle called St. George’s Hall a few hours before the wedding was supposed to take place and said a bomb would go off in 45 minutes. He then panicked and realized that perhaps the threat was not such a good idea, and called back to reveal the hoax.¬†Unfortunately, the entire building had already evacuated, so no one answered his call.

And somehow you’re the one who’s still single.