No Ifs or Butts: The Miley Cyrus Twerking ‘Bobble Butt’ Is Here

It's like a bobble head, but the butt, um, bobbles

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Miley twerking bobble butt

We’ve found a new bobblehead for the dashboard of your car — or more accurately, a “bobble butt.”
For just $29.95, you can buy a miniature twerking Miley Cyrus — bent-over with tongue ajar and a gyrating butt— thanks to Herobuilders, a toy company that also sells a Michael Jackson action figure called “King of Pop Baby Drop” and a zombie-possessed President Obama dubbed “Ozombie.”

And if you’re the kind of person who would dress up as the pop-star for Halloween, note Herobuilders says the Miley figurines make “perfect stocking stuffers.”

We won’t still be talking about Miley’s twerk-a-thon come Christmastime, right? RIGHT?

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