For Sale: Medical Files Implying Marilyn Monroe Had Plastic Surgery

The collection will be auctioned off next month

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Courtesy of Julien's Auctions

A celebrity auction house believes it has obtained medical files that confirm longtime rumors that Marilyn Monroe underwent cosmetic surgery. They are expected to go for somewhere between $15,000-$30,000 at auction Nov. 9-10, Reuters reports via Julien’s Auctions.

In the package seems to be a file from a Hollywood plastic surgeon, Michael Gurdin, stating that the actress complained of a “chin deformity.” He then appears to paint a portrait of Monroe’s medical history, which mentions a chin implant in 1950 and notes that it “had slowly begun to dissolve.” Now, Julien’s Auctions claims “those with knowledge of the implant procedure have explained that this was done in association with a tip rhinoplasty, a procedure involving the tip of Marilyn Monroe’s nose only.” The star also seems to be listed in the files as Marilyn Miller, as she was married to Death of a Salesman playwright Arthur Miller between 1956-1961.

There are also six X-rays dated Jun. 7, 1962 that seem to show Monroe’s nose, the roof of her mouth, and frontal facial bones, all taken after she took a spill in the middle of the night. Doctors referred to the pseudonym “Miss Joan Newman,” who according to a X-ray, was 5’6 and weighed 115 pounds and lived at the actress’s Brentwood address. A radiologist concluded there was no damage to the nose, but the auction house said a recent look at the X-rays reveals a “very minute hairline fracture.” The next day, Monroe was fired from Something’s Got to Give.

The plastic surgeon Dr. Gurdin reportedly gifted the files to the seller, who remains unnamed.

Now which diehard fan will pay $30K for a bunch of papers?

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