New York Strip Club Bans Giants Games After Booing Distracts Dancers

Rick's Cabaret has turned off Giants games for turning off clients

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The New York Giants have yet to win a game this season, and this dark reality is beginning to seep into New York City’s mood, putting a discernible damper on weekend revelry. The Giants have gotten so bad, in fact, that one popular strip club in Manhattan’s midtown neighborhood has decided to no longer show Giants games because they were depressing the clients and eliciting distracting “boos.”

The New York Post reports that the popular strip club Rick’s Cabaret made the decision to yank the cord on Giants games after their losing streak depressed and disappointed patrons–a state of mind that isn’t particularly conducive to the care-free environment Rick’s prefers to maintain.

“I’ve been showing off my new 34Ds and getting compliments all the time, except right after Giants games–the guys are sort of deflated–they take that football stuff too seriously!” one dancer told the Post.

Whether the Giants win a Super Bowl trophy or not, they should definitely win an award for managing to make Sunday afternoons at strip clubs even more depressing.