Sir Paul McCartney Claims He Invented The Selfie

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There’s no doubt that Sir Paul McCartney is a pioneer when it comes to music. As a Beatle he penned songs like “Eleanor Rigby,” “Getting Better” and “Penny Lane,” which have all helped cement his status as an inventive and prolific musical genius.

However, being a multi-platinum certified record artist and living legend of pop culture may not be enough for Sir Paul. Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the singer tried to lay claim to a portion of the viral internet as well.

While talking to Fallon about his upcoming 16th solo album, NEW,  Macca claimed to have invented the selfie, the ubiquitous, cell-phone-snapped self portraits that populate the internet. During the interview, the singer also asserted that he invented the photobomb. Good luck getting this sloth to pay royalties on that one.

According to Uproxx, the “selfie” has been around since roughly 1900 and while McCartney may want to claim many things, being 113 years old may not be one of them.


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