Unruly Air Passenger Strips Nude, Challenges Pilot to a Duel, Gets Tasered

That's one way to handle the stress of air travel

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Oh, don’t act like you haven’t thought about doing this yourself.

Really, flights can be long and stressful and sometimes you just want to do what a British Easyjet passenger did–well, except for the whole “getting tasered” part.

The Daily Mirror says a 52-year-old who had flown into Manchester from Malta, having had a few too many drinks, stripped naked on the airport tarmac and challenged the pilot to a fight. He also urinated on the terminal wall. A woman traveling with him got so fed up with his bad behavior that she slapped him in the face.

Passengers said he became unruly mid-flight when he became belligerent and began to yell at others. The bizarre behavior continued when the plane landed and the man stripped to his underwear, then got completely nude while causing a ruckus.

“He must have been drunk because when he came off the plane, he took his top off and shouted ‘come on then’ in a Manchester accent and was trying to get the captain to fight him,” a passenger said. He put his clothes back on and entered the terminal where police met him and shocked him with a taser, subsequently arresting him and taking him from the airport.

Officials say he was given a fixed penalty notice, which translates to a disorderly conduct citation. But he may just be the first to bring nude modeling to the runway.