Anchor Accidentally Eats Cat Vomit on Live TV

Warning: do not read this post while you're eating.

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Grape Nuts are a delicious and healthy breakfast cereal, but to one TV news anchor, they look a lot like cat vomit.

Scot Haney, the weatherman for Hartford’s CBS affiliate, thought he spotted some spare Grape Nuts on the floor while filming the evening news. So he did what any hungry reporter would do around dinnertime: He scooped them up off the floor and fed them into his mouth, live on camera.

“It tastes like shoes,” he said, while chewing. “I don’t think that was grape nuts. I think it was dog doody.”

His fellow anchors were rather disgusted by his penchant for floor food, but Haney was just bein’ himself.

But as he later revealed, also on camera, what he consumed from the floor wasn’t a bunch of Grape Nuts at all — and it wasn’t “dog doody” either. In fact, it was cold cat vomit he had tracked in on his shoes earlier that day.

“That was cat vomit on my shoe,” he exclaimed. “And I ate it. On television!”

Somehow we don’t think Haney will be eating a bowl of Grape Nuts for a long, long time.