Archer’s Season 5 Promo is a Music Video for “Danger Zone”

Call Kenny Loggins because Archer is in The Danger Zone.

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It’s nearly impossible to pick only one reason why FX’s Archer is one of the best shows on television. Of course, delusional narcissism mixed with alcohol-fueled cartoons just works, naturally, but for fans a real gem is the subtlety of recurring jokes in the show —Archer has mild to severe tinnitus, another character is a boy from Brazil Hitler clone, and of course, Archer will drop the occasional reference to the song from Top Gun, “Danger Zone.”

Although season 5 begins in January (which is just entirely too long to wait, especially when Archer’s seasons are so short), the show put out a teaser today, and of course, it is a 2 minute cartoon music video for “Danger Zone,”with Archer playing Tom Cruise and Cyril Figgis as Goose (Fig Goose, as you’ll see in the video).

There is no shortage of windmill high-fives.