Forget Duffins and Cronuts: 9 Food Fusions We’d Like To See


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Foodies aren’t the only people that can think of delicious food combinations that should exist, like the donut-croissant hybrid of the Cronut that enthralled New York, or the newer donut-muffin combo Duffin that’s riling the U.K.

Here’s TIME’s take on 9 food fusions that should happen soon:

1. French Churroast (French Toast + Churro)
A churro fried in french toast batter.

2. Beignagel (Beignet + Bagel)
It’s a beignet, but savory and delicious. Try it with sesame seeds.

3. Sconcicle (Scone + Popsicle)
Think ice cream sandwich, but it’s a scone.

4. Pieffle (Pie + Waffle)
Make a pie, then replace the criss-cross crust with a waffle. Behold: You’ve made a Pieffle.

5. Fluffin (Muffin + Marshmallow Fluff)
You think by now there would be a muffin with marshmallow fluff in the middle.

6. Cotton Cone (Cotton Candy + Waffle Cone)
Eat cotton candy out of a delicious waffle cone instead of picking it off a gross paper tube.

7. Skittle Tea (Bubble Tea + Skittles)
Get a big straw to suck up all the skittles at the bottom of your ice tea.

8. Muffin Top Sandwich (Muffin Tops + Ice Cream)
You take the best part of the muffin (the top) and combine it with the best part of an ice cream cone (the ice cream).

9. Fortune-On-The Bottom-Yogurt
This is a yogurt that has a fortune written on the bottom of the carton, in case you like to contemplate destiny with your morning snack.