Man Mows Taylor Swift a Personalized Corn Maze


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When a new neighbor moves into town, it’s polite to introduce yourself and maybe even present them with a homemade batch of cookies. But what to do when a celebrity moves to your area? If you’re Richard Manfredi, a Rhode Island farmer, you create a giant corn maze to pay homage to your famous new neighbor.

Upon hearing the news that Taylor Swift had purchased a vacation home in Westerly, Rhode Island, the AP reports that Manfredi cut the message “Welcome Taylor,” accompanied by a guitar, into his 8-acre corn maze. If you live nearby, the Swift-themed maze is also open to the public forĀ  a modest $8 entry fee.

Feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters and make fun of our exes and run through a creepy corn maze made in Taylor Swift’s honor.