Site Urges You to Drunk Dial Congress During the Government Shutdown

Drink responsibly.

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The latest government shutdown meme,, calls on disgruntled Americans, especially any furloughed workers with cabin fever who may be drinking to pass the time, to start phoning their representatives.

For those who tend to slur their words or develop short-term memory when they’re under the influence, the website provides sample talking points based on news articles, from the humorous “I can’t watch the panda” and “If you can yell at a Park Ranger after forcing the Government to shut down then I get to yell at you” to more serious complaints like “My grandma can’t get her cancer treatment.” And if you’re going to make an event out of it, see the cocktail recipes section, featuring “The Bloody Bastard”: 1 part sour mix, 1 part vodka, and 1 tbsp grenadine syrup.

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However, not all furloughed workers have the money to buy booze, like Christine Peterson, a 29-year-old international trade specialist at the Department of Commerce, who has been channeling her frustration in a healthier way via running. She told TIME that on Oct. 4, she ran around the different roundabouts in Washington D.C. to represent the widely-held sentiment that policy makers on Capitol Hill are “running in circles and not doing anything.”

Since then, she’s been adding an extra mile to her runs on each day of the shutdown, and yesterday’s 9-mile route sent a similarly subtle message:


Christine Peterson