Middle School Girls Caught with Terrifyingly Potent New Form of Meth

The strange form of the drug is so potent it can be absorbed by touch

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Students writing in a classroom

Officials at a Texas middle school are trying to figure out how a group of young students obtained a liquid form of methamphetamine and are fearful that a strange, more potent form of the drug may have found its way into the community.

Six eighth-grade girls who attend Blocker Middle School in Texas City were caught with the drug, which is normally poured into bottles, but in this case was placed on small stamp-like pieces of paper and wrapped in tinfoil.  The paper is placed in the mouth and dissolved. School officials said the girls began to behave deliriously, authorities said, and once it had been determined that they were high on meth, a call was placed to their parents, who took them to local hospitals to be treated. All six were suspended from school.

“When they took it, they just started tripping out, they just started freaking out, like something got to them,” an unidentified student told KHOU.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said the drug is so potent that it can be absorbed through the skin when touched, something he has never seen before. “If it was my child I’d be extremely upset,” Sheriff Trochesset told the station. He said the substance came from outside of the county.

Texas City schools spokeswoman Melissa Tortorici told the Houston Chronicle that the district and the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office are still trying to learn about the drug and find out how it got into the school.