God on the Go: Massachusetts Church Offers Drive Through Prayer

Never leave your car again!

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In a society that is increasingly oriented around quick results and instant gratification, it should come as no surprise that we’ve found a way to make religion as convenient as possible.

At Christ Lutheran Church in Scituate, Mass., parishioners don’t have to wait until Sunday to sit in pews and ask the Almighty for what they need. Instead, they are able to get service through a “drive-through ministry,” which launched on Saturday in the church’s parking lot.

The program started with pastor Dan Eddy, who wanted to invite more people to join his congregation and create new relationships with people passing by. He got the idea from a church in Florida that had a similar outreach.

“We want to let the community know we’re here for them,” Eddy told the Boston Globe. “This isn’t a country club that’s members only. . . . People are looking for authenticity, so we listen to their concerns and we pray with them.”

About 18 cars stopped by the church on Saturday, and the program will continue on a trial basis for at least a week. The prayerful come asking for a variety of things, which volunteer parishioners help them communicate their heavenly requests. Some pray for their families, relief from financial stress, or safety in travel.

Others take a different approach: one person asked for victory for the New England Patriots on Sunday, and another needed a win for the Green Bay Packers. Both prayers were granted.

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