Jay Z, Timbaland and Chris Martin Rode the London Tube Together

They're just regular people like us!

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Last year, Jay Z rode the New York subway to one of his concerts in Brooklyn and adorably explained who he was to an elderly woman. This week, he surprised fans — this time in London — by taking public transportation to his own show once again. But he wasn’t ridin’ solo — Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and producer Timbaland were there on the Tube too. They were heading to Jay’s show Saturday night at the O2 Arena, where both Martin and Timbaland joined him on stage, E! News reports.

A lucky fan spotted Jay and his crew and shared the following photo on Instagram (which features Chris Martin grinning behind him):

Another fan tweeted that he was just too starstruck to snap a photo. Which is understandable, because he’s Jay Z and everything. But now we know he rides public transit JUST LIKE US, so he’s basically our best friend.

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