Most San Francisco Apartment Complex Ever Features Endangered Butterfly Habitat

Butterflies as gentrifiers.

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Tim Shaffer/Reuters

The newly built apartment complex at 38 Dolores in San Francisco’s Mission district has added a peculiar upscale amenity to its list of environmentally friendly offerings: the building features a butterfly habitat, to ensure “the Mission Blue, San Bruno Elfin, and Bay Checkerspot butterflies are protected and nurtured.”

If you still weren’t positive that this building was located in San Francisco, it’s also “equipped for rainwater harvesting and solar heating, has a rooftop herb garden and on-site car share, is decorated with ‘living walls,’ and, naturally, is built atop a Whole Foods,” according to Salon.

San Francisco has become home to fog-grazing glass condos quickly constructed to accommodate the young and wealthy who have made millions off technology companies. Perhaps nowhere in San Francisco is gentrification’s impact more noticeable than the Mission, where brogrammers and hipsters have driven the rents up so high they’reĀ forcing out the Mission’s lower-income residents.

Hopefully the butterflies don’t get pushed out by skyrocketing rents too.