Now You Can Get Drunk Off of Pizza

Bottoms up!

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Move over, Bloody Mary, there’s a new drink in town.

LA restaurant Trattoria Neapolis has introduced a new cocktail that is pretty much a pizza in a glass. The aptly named Pizza Cocktail was created as a way to mark Pizza Month, which is not yet a national holiday, but is celebrated during the month of October. The unique cocktail wasn’t made by a mad mixologist tossing a pie into a blender, though. Instead the complicated cocktail incorporates all the elements of a pie lover’s dream into a peculiar, if surprisingly tasty sounding, adult beverage.

The cocktail is concocted out of tomato water, porcini mushroom powder, ghost-pepper infused vodka, and a double dose of herbs from the basil-infused vodka and muddled basil, all served under a cloud of Parmesan and mozzarella foam in a martini glass. The one thing the pizza cocktail doesn’t have is crust, but LA Weekly still deems it “a scarily accurate drink.”

Now your dream of getting pizza drunk can finally come true. Bottoms up!

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