Only Twins Get Hired at This Moscow Restaurant

One-of-a-kind restaurant for people who are two of a kind.

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It takes two at one Russian restaurant, Moscow’s Twin Stars Diner, where all of the servers and bartenders are sets of identical twins who also have to dress alike on the job, the BBC reports.

The hardest part of executing the concept was finding enough qualified pairs to hire, owner Alexei Khodorkovsky told the network. He explained the twins concept is based on a 1960s Soviet-era film Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, which according to a New York Times synopsis, seems to be about a trippy alternative universe where a young girl Olya befriends Yalo, her reflection in a mirror.

So if you’re a twin and can’t bear to be apart from your partner in crime, sounds like there’s finally a place that will accept you two just the way you are.

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