Relax on a Porcelain Throne and Eat Food Named After Poop at This Toilet-Themed Restaurant

What the flush?

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Have you ever wanted to eat out of a toilet-shaped bowl while sitting on a toilet? Intrepid eaters in California’s San Gabriel Valley are getting the chance to do just that at the just-opened Magic Restroom Cafe in the City of Industry.

The cafe is outfitted in a manner befitting its name: it’s lined with toilets, which are thankfully not plumbed, pulled up to tables. “Ladies, no worries… The seats are already down,” joked one Yelp reviewer. “Toilet seat covers are available upon request (possibly).”

Customers can sit atop the toilets as they dine on “black poop,” which is what the restaurant calls a harmless chocolate sundae. According to Eater LA, other menu items at the Taiwanese-inspired cafe include something called “smells-like-poop,” which is simply braised pork over rice,  a “constipation” (zha jiang mian) and the restaurant’s signature dish “golden poop” rice. As you may have guessed, many of the menu items are of a specific texture as would befit food served in miniature toilet bowl ceramicware imported from Japan.

And here are what appear to be the actual restrooms:

While the Magic Restroom Cafe may be the first toilet-themed restaurant in the United States, it is not the first in the world. That title goes to the Modern Toilet in Taipei, a theme restaurant that has been so successful that it has spread to over a dozen of toilet eateries in Taiwan alone. Magic Restroom Cafe’s owner YoYo Li witnessed the chain’s success in Taiwan and China and was inspired to bring restroom dining to the States.

Wonder how sh*tty the food is?

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