It’s Apparently Time to Start Freaking Out About Thongs

Ladyparts beware.

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"Thong Song" music video

Little did Sisqo know that his 1999 hit, popularizing the illustrious thong, might inadvertently wreak havoc on the health of women who fell under the clothing article’s spell.

The Huffington Post talked to two doctors about the potential dangers that come with wearing a thong, particularly for women who are predisposed to getting urinary or vaginal infections. Not only aren’t most thongs breathable cotton, but the barely there, often shifting fabric leaves the vulva exposed to what they’re wearing and very likely spreads bacteria from one place to the other.

While women who don’t experience irritation or infection from thongs are good to keep wearing them, Connecticut OBGYN Dr. Shieva Ghofrany told HuffPost to be mindful of the “vicious cycle of thong use.”

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