Florida Alligator Evicted From Hot Tub

This guy was just trying to live his chillest life.

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Chris McGrath / Getty Images

Florida police serving an unrelated arrest warrant were surprised to find an alligator in a nearby hot-tub. What, like that’s not a regular occurrence?

According to authorities, they’ve seen alligators in all manner of ponds and pools, but not, as far as they can recall, a hot tub. While this may seem a humorous anecdote, it also gives us insight into the stressful life of  a Florida alligator—maybe a nice sit in a hot tub is exactly what this one needed.

When questioned, the owner of the jacuzzi claimed that he didn’t know how the alligator had gotten there, but that it was likely there when he moved in. The man decided to keep feeding the alligator, and so he was charged with possession of an alligator without a permit.

Not only was the kindhearted provider charged with a crime, but the alligator was forced to vacate its incredibly relaxing habitat, where it was used to being delivered food tubside; and we all know how uncomfortable it can be in the first 30 seconds after leaving a hot tub.