Stoners Are Skinnier Despite Doritos’ Best Efforts

Though researchers have no idea why

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Nick Adams / Reuters

People pack a glass bowl with marijuana during Hempfest's 420Fest at the Luxe Nightclub in Seattle, Washington April 20, 2013.

It looks like the stoner diet isn’t all late night Taco Bell and Cheetos binges.

A new study from the American Journal of Medicine found that frequent pot smokers have a better figure than former marijuana users and non-smokers.

From 2005 to 2010, researchers interviewed more than 4,600 adults using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and found that marijuana users had a lower body mass index (BMI), smaller waistlines, lower insulin levels and insulin resistance and even lower cholesterol.

There’s little research examining the relationship between cannabinoids and metabolic processes, especially considering weed enthusiasts tend to have a higher average of caloric intake than non-smokers (but Bagel Bites are just soooo good). The study did find that despite consuming more calories, pot smokers have overall better physiques and lower incidences of diabetes.

Of course the verdict is still out on weed’s impact on your overall health, but for now it appears stoner eating habits aren’t as terrible as the Doritos nutritional information would have you believe.

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