Dentists Tired of Cleaning Gross Teeth Are Hosting Halloween Candy Buyback Programs

They donate the extra loot to troops overseas

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If you or any trick-or-treater you know gets stuck with too much Halloween candy — or too much of a type they don’t like — note that some dentists are buying back kids’ stashes for a $1 per pound to reduce the number of cavities in youngsters and shipping the unopened sweets to U.S. soldiers overseas through Operation Gratitude.

Wisconsin dentist Chris Kammer, who started the Halloween Candy Buyback program that donates more than 127 tons of candy annually, told TIME last year that the troops will also receive floss, mouthwash, toothbrushes, and toothpaste because apparently you can eat as much candy as you want as long as you brush your teeth immediately afterwards.

“You can’t get a cavity in a short amount of time with a handful of exposures to candy,” said Kammer.

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