WATCH: A ‘Living Wallet’ That Flees From Its Owner and Begs to be Left Alone

The shopaholic's nightmare has motorized wheels and a recorded voice that cries out "Don't touch me!"

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This could be a low-point in the history of consumer culture, or a turning point, depending on how one looks at the “Living Wallet.”

According to Japan Daily Press, the latest gadget from Japan can scoot out of its spendthrift owner’s reach on four motorized wheels. When caught, it cries out “Help me!” or “Don’t touch me!” Under extreme duress, it sends an email to the owner’s parents informing them that their pride and joy has no self-control whatsoever.

The catch: the owners can deactivate all of these features by switching the wallet from “Save Mode” to “Consume Mode,” just as they did for themselves long ago.

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