Now You Can Pay to Have Your Stuffed Animals Go on Vacation

Why go somewhere when you can send your teddy bear instead?

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Has your favorite stuffed animal been feeling especially stressed recently? Are you unable to take a vacation yourself because your boss is a monster who refuses to give you a couple days off? Now, for less than $60, you can send your favorite snuggle buddy on a trip of your choosing and have its adventures photographed along the way.

A Japanese company called Unagi Travel provides “creative tours for stuffed animals” catering to the bored, the underpaid and the homebound. One woman, for example, was suffering from an illness that precluded her from traveling, so she sent her stuffed animals on a vacation instead. Unagi faithfully snapped photos of the whole trip and sent them back to the woman so she could live vicariously through her favorite toys.

The trips are also documented on Unagi’s Facebook page, which boasts some pretttty cute pictures. Don’t forget to get your stuffed friend a…pawsport.