Pushup Bra for Men Turns Man Boobs into Power Pecs

Another manly addition to achieving a svelte physique

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Good news for males who still enjoy tight-fitted t-shirts. A new “muscle-enhancing” top by U.K.-based Funkybod.com gives men who haven’t peaked in the pectorals a chance to fit in with all the other fist-pumping brawny folk.

The padded undershirt effectively serves as the answer to a woman’s padded bra, acting as a “confidence booster” for men everywhere. The shirt, which costs about $48, is available in black, white and grey.  The top is meant to compress unsightly man boobs and reshape them into a more muscular-looking build.

It’s not the first of its kind. Male underwear padded for that extra cushion in the derrière is also a thing that men apparently buy to improve their look.

The shirt may improve the look of muscles, but typically those who are concerned about that are actually at the gym pumping iron and getting ripped. We doubt it’ll make much of a splash among the skinny jeans crowd.