Man Saves His Family From Burning House, Runs Back in to Save His Bud Light

It wasn't even Bud Light Lime.

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Last week a Georgia man rescued his family and made a heroic escape when his home caught fire, but he also saved something almost equally important: his stash of Bud Light.

WTVM reports that Walter Serpit was watching TV with five adults and two children when the living room began to fill with smoke. He helped the family make a safe escape from the house, which caught fire due to a faulty water heater. But as soon as Serpit made it out safely, he turned right back around to grab a bunch of his beers that were trapped inside the burning building.

“I was trying to get my beer out,” he told WTVM. “I went back into the house like a dummy and the door shut on me because this back draft was about to kill me.”

Serpit and his beloved Bud Light made it out safely, but of course we have to wonder: why risk your life for BUD LIGHT? At least make it Bud Light Lime.