Watch This Sneaky Sea Lion Snatch a Monster Fish From a Fisherman’s Hands

That's what you get for waving around such a delectable treat.

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Sea lions, typically seen sunning themselves on the piers in San Francisco or hunting the ocean for fish, aren’t exactly known for their thievery skills. But while shooting an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel’s Chef on the Water in Cabo San Lucas, a professional fisherman was showing off his ridiculously huge catch when a sea lion swam up to the boat and gently pulled the fish right out of his hands.

This wasn’t even an anomaly for this sneaky little guy, though. Apparently he does this so often that all the local fishermen know him and have christened him Pancho, the Huffington Post reports. If you don’t have it in you to believe that a cute little sea lion could be doing such a mean thing, check out the reverse GIF and let yourself believe that the critter was actually giving the man a generous gift. We all have dreams.