Facebook Knows When You’re Going to Get Dumped

Quick, add all your boyfriend's friends on Facebook.

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Miguel Navarro / Getty Images

sad man with moustache

Everybody start freaking out. New research from Facebook and Cornell University implies that not only can the social network figure out who your boyfriend is — even if it isn’t “Facebook official” — but it can also predict when he’s going to dump you.

According to the study of 1.3 million Facebook users who listed they were in a relationship — called “A Network Analysis of Relationship Status on Facebook” — researchers could most accurately predict couples based on not how many friends they had in common, but what kind of friends they had in common.

That means that people who were friends with a wide array of high school, college, work, [insert weird activity here] acquaintances of their significant others were likely to still be in a relationship 60 days later. That shouldn’t be too surprising considering that good friendship dispersion indicates that a couple is building an integrated life together. If there wasn’t satisfactory overlap … well there’s always Tinder.