Watch This Baby’s Extremely Emotional Reaction to Her Mother Serenading Her

Heartbreaking Rod Stewart classic brings her to tears

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Apparently babies don’t just cry when they’re hungry or when they feel like tormenting strangers on airplanes. They also cry when they hear their mothers singing gut-wrenching ballads, like this 10-month-old who was brought to tears when her mother serenaded her with Rod Stewart’s 1988 classic “My Heart Can’t Tell You No.” The baby goes through a whole range of emotions, offering the occasional wistful smile between streams of tears.

As many YouTube commenters point out, she’s likely confused rather than truly moved by the song, but come on. Whatever. Let’s just believe she had an earnest emotional reaction here. And really, can you blame her? It’s a Rod Stewart song, and she’s got two ears and a heart, doesn’t she?