‘World’s Biggest’ Chicken Nugget Weighs Over 50 Pounds, So Just Put Down the Fries

It's as big as 720 regular chicken nuggets and is 720 times grosser.

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No need to supersize it. The world’s biggest chicken nugget is reportedly here. Chicken producer Empire Kosher Poultry has created a gigantic chicken nugget that weighs 51.1 pounds, according to a post on the company’s Facebook page.

The company debuted the enormous deep-fried creation at the Kosherfest trade show in New Jersey on Tuesday.

The nugget is about as big as 720 regular nuggets, according to The Huffington Post, and was cooked in 500-gallon fryer for 45 minutes.

Guinness World Records spokesperson Sara Wilcox told TIME that they had not yet inspected the nugget, but that it would have to be just over 33 pounds to win the distinction. “Largest chicken nugget” is a new category for GWR, she added, and there is no previous record holder.