Google Somehow Manages to Make Glass Look Even Nerdier by Adding an Earpiece

And we thought it couldn't be done

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Were you worried that the face computer you shelled out $1,500 to use to pick up chicks didn’t look quite nerdy enough? Lucky for you, Google has issued a design update to Google Glass that makes the device look even dorkier.

Fashionable people everywhere who were already sporting Google Glass now have the option of wearing an earpiece that has the added benefit of looking like a Mentos is shoved inside your ear. A subtle black wire connects the earpiece to Glass, allowing you to look like the hearing aid-donning robot of your dreams.

According to Google’s Plus page, the “mono earbud” will come alongside the updated version of Glass available in the coming months via the Glass Explorers program. In the meantime, you can always wear a bluetooth headset to complement your Glass for that extra nerdy kick.